My classmates already talk about what,when,who and how of what happened during this HBS. In this post, I just want to tell something about this so called HBS. Just want to keep it simple.

In my opinion, this study is about what is happening in our mobile phone industry. For sure, Apple IPhone is leading this industry right now followed by Blackberry based on my understanding. But anything can happen in the future right? Who knows??

Okay that's all. Ha.

All of you can download the SWOT for this study here. This is the simplest version that I have edited from my roomate's SWOT.

Last but not least, I'am one of the outstanding comments as Dr. Zaidi said before.
Honestly I hope that Dr. Zaidi can give me 5 good reason of why am I also in those best commentators because my opinion is not that good. Seriously??? But nevermind. Good things do happen. Sorry if I used so many "happen" word.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment anything.